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Interactive Boards also known as Smartboards is an emerging technology that is rapidly being deployed throughout schools, colleges and other learning institutions around the country.

More and more teachers are gaining the benefits of this technology from time saved writing out complex formulas, maps, graphics, charts, etc on the more traditional boards to the increase of concentration from pupils during lesson time. ICT does act as a stimulus for reading and writing as you can incorporate colourful graphics and sounds to your learning material..

Smartboards also enable teachers to prepare, store and display material effectively, plus cutting down on the paperwork.

The touch-sensitive display connects to your computer and digital projector to show your computer image. You can then control computer applications directly from the display, write notes in digital ink and save your work to share later.

All it takes to focus attention, engage your audience and strengthen your message is the touch of a finger.

Simply touch the screen to highlight key points, access applications and Web sites, and write notes in electronic ink. All your work can be saved to one file that you can print, e-mail or post to a Web site.

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard transforms your space into an interactive working, training, and learning environment.

Best of all, the full-featured SMART Board interactive whiteboard is incredibly easy to use. If you can use a computer, you can use a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

An initial site survey maybe required to design the installation taking into account planned position of installation and the availability of power points, etc.

Our prices are very competitive and labour charges start from 250 per board.

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